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Manual for use in treating atopy
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Manual for use in treating atopy

When pus oozes from sores with scabs,there may be a feeling of itchiness

The oozing stops, the sores are healed and the itchiness disappears, if you pound the parts with a Stone.

When there is itchiness around scabs

Itchiness disappears if you powerfully rub the affected areas with a Stone until the feeling of itchiness is gone.

How to use Mystic Stone (regular)

1. Turn two Stones using a hand and slightly apply powder sticking to the Stones on skin parts affected by the atopic disease (refer to above photos No. 1 and 2)

2. Rub affected parts (parts applied with Stone powder) with the edge of a Stone up and down four or five times applying light force (refer the above photo No. 3)

3. And then slightly apply Stone powder to the parts once again.

- Stone powder permeates into opened pores through rubbing, controls the propagation of bacteria, excretes substances causing atopic diseases from the body and removes problematic substances. After this, scabs form over the skin parts.

How to treat atopic diseases depending on symptoms

Except for malignant or serious cases of atopic diseases, the Stone can be used anywhere, anytime.

Dead skin cell atopy

- While using Mystic Stone, dead skin cells flake and peel off and such a situation becomes worse in fall or winter.

- Problems related to dead skin cells and itching can be solved at the same time by powerfully rubbing skin parts with a Stone. (Refer to the common way of usage)

Atopy cases involving sores

- Follow the above regular instructions.

- When a sore oozes before or after using a Stone, you should apply Stone powder on the parts with sores so that scabs form. When sabs form after using Mystic Stone don’t try to remove them with a Stone, hands or other tools. You should let them naturally drop off and apply a Stone on parts without scabs.

- Parts from which scabs drop off recover their original skin after a few months without leaving scars.

- When you try to remove scabs by force, scars can form. You should let them naturally drop off.


Malignant atopy

1.Follow the above regular instructions and refer to the way to use Mystic Stone for atopy cases involving sores.

2. When fever, a cold, inflammation in the middle ear or conjunctivitis occurs because of itching and sores

- To apply water to the affected parts, slightly rub the parts with a Stone a few times and clean the parts with water after about an hour. This will prove to be effective.

How to use Mystic Stone for each body part


- Turn the Mystic Stone as if performing a massage.

- The face skin is sensitive. If you rub your face with a Stone with all your might, your face may look as if it has been injured. Therefore, it is recommended to use Mystic Stone as if you are massaging your face.

- To massage your whole face, apply Stone powder to your face and leave on overnight. This is effective for skin care and bacteria control. Wash your face the next morni

- If you are going to go out the following day, be careful in using Mystic Stone because there may be a temporary improvement from using it before sleeping.

- If scabs form while using Mystic Stone, they will fall away naturally with time and no scars will be left.. However, if you remove scabs by force, scarring may occur.

- Company workers, students and persons who frequently go out should be careful in using Mystic Stone because there can be temporary improvement after using it.


- Rub your scalp with a Stone, remove dead skin cells and wash your hair after about 30 minutes.

- When you remove dead skin cells from your scalp, sores may develop. If you apply Stone powder to the parts where you rub with Mystic Stone, scabs will form. After the scabs drop off, the atopic disease will subside. .

When you use Mystic Stone in the evening, it is better to also apply Stone powder to the areas with sores. The propagation of bacteria is controlled and scabs will naturally form at the same time and the factors causing the problem are removed.


- Follow the regular instructions.

- Use Mystic Stone when you are in a seated position.

- Mystic Stone is effective not only for atopic diseases but also for other skin complaints, such as heat rashes, hives and itchiness.


- As the neck is sensitive, it may look sore if you vigorously rub your neck with a Mystic Stone. You should use it as if you are massaging your neck.

- Whenever you experience uncomfortable symptoms, frequently use Mystic Stone by turning it as if you are performing a massage.


- Use Mystic Stone when you are in a seated position.

- When pus oozes from sores after using Mystic Stone, follow the instructions about atopy cases involving sores.

⇒ For persons who sit for a long time, don’t let sores stick to clothes when using a gauze.

⇒ If a gauze sticks to the skin because of sores, you should let the gauze naturally fall off from the skin by using warm water.

⇒ Repeatedly use a Mystic Stone until sores are removed.

⇒ If scabs form in areas with sores, stop using Mystic Stone until the scabs are removed. During this time use it on other areas.

Elbows, back of knees

- Follow the regular instructions.

- It is better to carry Mystic Stone at all times and vigorously rub the skin areas where itchiness occurs until relief is provided.

How to treat other symptoms


-When you use Mystic Stone to provide relief from itchiness, also apply the stone powder for better effect.

You can use it for any areas affected by eczema

Ex.) The crotch, around the ankles and feet, etc.

Athlete’s foot

- Rub areas affected by athlete’s foot vigorously and frequently until the feeling of itchiness is gone.

- As pus may continuously ooze from affected parts, cleanly wash those areas until sores have completely disappeared.

Even after scabs form, there may be itchiness. It is effective to rub your toenails with Mystic Stone.

Blood circulation problems, insomnia and dry facial skin

- Rub the eyes and around the eyebrows with Mystic Stone as you massage them.

Ex.) Dry eyes, red eyes and pains caused by swollen pupils

- Vigorously rub the calves up and down five or six times.

- After rubbing with Mystic Stone, go to sleep without washing.

Herniated cervical disc

1. Hit the back of the neck and around the neck with Mystic Stone five or six times until you feel pain.

2. Vigorouslu rub the back of the neck with Mystic Stone until you feel heat and pain.


Matters to be attended to

- Your skin may peel away after using Mystic Stone. If such a situation occurs, you can restore your skin’s original appearance by slightly applying powder.

- Mystic Stone is not effective for problems related to the bronchial tubes.




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