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Products features
1. React because is infiltrated particle happened in product.
2. Seuton attrition that use nature mineral energy, uses Seuton changing to material of atopy, itch, horn character .
Product developed by the multi-function enemy who can help to pimple as well as product.
3. atopy treatment and pore administration, Mibaek, fine wrinkles exclusion, skin trouble and blood circulation control that
remake permannent place of scab that occur of product.
4. colloid and pruritus that discharge ten through attrition of product.
5. skin that does colloid etc.. so that is exhausted within early time outside body and do vein and nerve to react with my
original skin early time in solution at the same time.
6. It is product could solve from pore administration as well as atopy and pimple to skin trouble using mystic
toneeuncheonyeon mineral.
7. It is mystic stone that develop manual processing changing in light of the sun via complicated process process so that
can absorb energy that is happened in mineral reacting in atopy symptoms moment high fever and electricity or these
energies that is not consumed by chemistry is contacted in skin.

Product indications
From atopy sex skin disease and pore administration to skin Teuribeul solution
1. pruritus solution
2. atopy sex congenital fever
3. colloid and cold by horn character exclusion
4. horst sex skin
5. mold fungus skin
6. atopy, conjunctivitis, tympanitis
7. congenital fever and eczema
8. hulled millet and festering St. pimple
9. secondary infection
10. skin Teuribeul

Background of Mystic Stone Development

1. Plants live on minerals (soil) and nutrients from other plants and water; humans in turn are sustained by plants that live on
minerals. This fact made me wonder why humans cannot take in minerals like plants do. I was certain that humans, just
like plants, can take in minerals to control nutritive intake and disease, so I began to study minerals.

2. As much as I wanted to study them, I lacked knowledge regarding natural minerals. I had to spend years searching for
products based on natural minerals and chemical elements from technical resources as well as the Internet. Still, the
information I collected barely sufficed to provide satisfactory answers to my questions regarding using minerals for the
human body. After two years of study, my research reaped little success.

3. My question as to why humans cannot directly take in minerals unlike plants and use minerals in the industry was not
answered by the information that I acquired. It was one difficulty that I had to overcome in the development process.

4. All minerals in nature are inorganic. If we chemically treat them, they become organic. In other words, natural minerals
are all inorganic, but they can turn organic through chemical processes.
It was this distinction between inorganic and organic substances that answered my question. Humans cannot live on
anything inorganic. Actually, minerals are not organic and are consequently inedible to humans. I had to find out what
being organic is and what it was not. My research revealed that inorganic substances are whatever lies in nature, but they
can be processed into organic substances by chemical conversion.

5. Therefore, what made inorganic things edible to plants, but not to humans? It was their tissue organization, which helped
them absorb minerals. Still, I was certain that what is edible to plants should also be edible to humans. I embarked on an
in-depth study of the minerals specifically on how to turn them organic in the same way that drugs can be produced from
plants and chemically treated minerals.

6. As far as we know, all minerals are inorganic. I wondered why all natural minerals were inorganic. I learned that minerals
can actually be divided into organic and inorganic.
Organic minerals can be obtained primarily from artificial chemical treatment and from natural conversion through long-
timeweathering and sedimentation; this provided me with the answer to my question.

7. The organic substances created by the nature of the universe are basically the secondary clay consisting of stones and
mud that oxidized. It is chemically referred to as oxide mineral that has granularity for skin penetration. The ultra-fine
granules in organic minerals are described as organic. I confirmed through research that these granules can be absorbed
through intake and skin application to nourish and heal human bodies. This is verified by the fact that the drugs we take
and water we drink contain a wealth of minerals. For the solution I was looking for, I recently developed a particular type of

8. Although they contain energy to counteract atopic dermatitis, general minerals are too large to penetrate the skin, let alone
fight the disease. To take full advantage of the enormous energy contained in minerals and leverage it to interact with the
substances causing the disease, their granules should be made fine enough to penetrate skin and reach the inner skin for
fast interaction and healing. This enabled coming up with a cure for atopic dermatitis based on natural minerals.