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Mystic stone is a kaolline mineral containing sericite, moscovite, montmorillonite, chlorite, and feldspar. Mica was used exclusively by kings in ancient times as a "miraculous medicine." The medical books also describe its efficacy.

Mystic stone contains fine micro particles.
It can keep the skin pores clean and free of the substance causing diseases, oily element, and other heavy metals discharged by the body; thus alleviating the symptoms of the diseases.
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It also contains germanium. which produces the energy that helps increase the efficacy of the product's disease treatment.

Mystic stone contains arsenic oxide and lead oxide.
The arsenic and lead in natural mineral are nontoxic; hence their use as medicine. They are also known to work very well in the treatment of atopy and acne.

The product contains kaolline mineral such as mica, feldspar.
montmorillonite, and chlorite as well as many chemical elements such as germanium, arsenic oxide, lead oxide, aluminum oxide, barium oxide, calcium oxide, potassium oxide, iron oxide, magnesium oxide, manganese oxide, sodium peroxide, peroxophosphoric acid, silicon dioxide, and titanium dioxide, all of which are necessary for the treatment of skin diseases.

Mystic stone releases energy.
The energy released by germanium, near infrared ray, far infrared, anion, photocatalytic substance, inorganic antimicrobial mineral, collagen, and protein leaves the skin cells clean and functioning properly while discharging the substance causing skin diseases from the body.

Mystic stone is an alkaline with pH of 3.
Excerpt: Test report on the water quality as prepared by the Environmental Research Institute in Gyeongsangnamdo

Water does not decompose.
A clinical test shows that water where mystic stone is placed does not decompose for 3 years.

Mystic stone proves its efficacy in clinical tests as well as sales.
A patient suffering from severe atopy recovered from the disease by using mystic stone after placental hormone did not work. In another case, a patient with serious and recurrent acne was finally cured by applying mystic stone after the long-term antibiotic treatment failed to relieve his symptoms.

Severe atopy was finally overcome and cured.
As the photo below shows, Kang Ji-hee (daughter of Mr. Kang Gyeong-hoon), a fifth grader in Seoul, finally recovered from the severe atopy affecting her entire body after 8 months of dry and wet treatments using mystic stone. Her disease had not been cured by the repeated treatment in the hospital and herb doctors' clinic.

Photos showing severe whole-body atopy treatment and recovery