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Case study on the treatment of severe atopy

Is Gubonu mother which have 12 months life malignancy whole body atopy.

When Bonu is born, Geombuk was state that navel does not grow gaunt as 1 month passes as have skin and is born and scalp and ear back wet than some other children.
Atopy was begun regularly since begin to runs parallel mother's milk and powdered milk and when it is 5 months while feeds, drop mother's milk and feeds powdered milk.

At first that because is better cleanly sticking hospital pediatrics, dermatology ointment and does, because become seriouser than the first as discontinued treatment, roid ointment does not take effect now and colloid peeps among as colloid flows two places dropping one by one strangely as stick powder in all body rubing spoken stone as strange nature material that been not soil no that do uncertainty about introduction speaking that is doing free event just in time by chartered commemoration hesitating treatment of hospital and develop atopy cure at church minute's husband company when worry and had meeting but is Miss tic Seuton on first day while hesitate a few days ago Meoljjeong?
After 2 ~ 3 day passes because ?skin enters like heat rash and happens, all body sprouts gradually getting into wound tissue and became baby skin to be unsightly.

Extract colloid massaging as Seuton stone evening by evening and takes a bathe and I did moon woman interval that dress does that colloid permannent place does not take position if do not cook.

Ireodeon one day, (a cold) that ten occurs extremely I because colloid stops snappingly in the morning now my child atopy all become because have returned when is first serious as ten of a cold ascends and rubs much by Seuton did how disappointed speech which so is negatory by telephone with the developing president much do .

Because child wakes 2 ~ 3 times everyday evening by evening and at night, rub and does so that take a bath at night justly by Miss tic Seuton whenever cry in itch and I underwent hospital treatment because ark shell bursts because tympanitis catches also.
That become all body and dress like dustcloth and is bathed 3 times a day and rubs by Miss tic Seuton and repeats if our child gets up 2 months expire .

Now, when colloid seems to fall much and atopy (wound) color seems to become very shallow and enters second time and happens, Nunkkop rises and did much nose and hard life hard life because again tympanitis comes and conjunctivitis results.

Now, also it is stone that this Miss tic Seuton that catch temperature even if there is climax of once (symptoms of 3 times) is really marvelous.
It is degree to be surprised whether it is marvelous that colloid turns if rub and pus was included like this much in baby body.

Now, face and eye color that child is Bueo return and are compared certainly with former days image.

Thank help to the scape company president and head of a department at treatment visiting his every day and our home householder target is that time that our child Bonu is cured completely cleanly comes Harusokhi.

Because endure and is not far until return to disaster which results from taking an inauspicious direction to scar that realize mysteriousness of powder of this Miss tic Seuton that react coming deeply to nerve and vein even if is ignorant method sometimes this time that perfect cure cure does not exist to atopy and occurs in treatment, I wish to write this writing by mind being sure now that the day may come.

May 21, 2009,
telephone number : 055-253-1800 Hendeupon number : A 010-4304-1800
Kyongsang-namdo Masansi Guamdong atopy mother of children laver present week

Our Bonu was cured completely in 4 months.

It had been taking for 4 months now whether begin atopy treatment.
Now, colloid and itch no longer appear even if wound region is cured completely one by one two at a time and rubs and treatment is Siwojigo whole day.
If repeat sometimes but is thought now as it is detected to outside that is in skin everybody, our Bonu seems to be as result that mother and son withstand.

Now, I see that atopy ended.
Only, permannent place makes of baby skin originally without traces if pass during 3 ~ 4 months this too nothing but there is traces of skin with atopy.
Action that Bonu cries at night now and importunes does not and does not wake once and sleeps well.

Tried telephone consultation some orders to personage who finish treatment of Seoul that is cured completely using this product and anyway, this product believe and endures and desires perfect cure that that will sleep think .
And I thank to company who do it to use this product.

2009.7 . 22
tels : A 055-253-1800, 010-4304-1800
Kyongsang-namdo Masan Guamdong Bonu mother laver present week